Conservation Pride and Passion

The Alberta Fish and Game Association 1908-2008

  • 1908 First local hunting and fi shing clubs form to cooperate on first wildlife
  • 1930s Key partner in the development of Ducks Unlimited in Alberta.
  • 1940s Instrumental in establishing a provincial wildlife protection legislation.
  • 1960s Founded Alberta Hunter Education Program. Co-founded Outdoor Observer
  • 1963 Initiated the formation of the Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • 1970s Founding partner in the Buck for Wildlife Fund (levy collected from hunting and
    angling licences to support habitat conservation projects).
  • 1983 Established AFGA Wildlife Trust Fund to purchase signifi cant wildlife habitats.
  • 1989 Founded Operation Burrowing Owl program within Alberta.
  • 2000 50th parcel of wildlife habitat secured through the Wildlife Trust Fund; a total of
    23,000 acres protected to date.
  • 2008 The Alberta Fish and Game Association will Celebrate 100 years of Conservation


  • enhancement projects in Alberta
  • and Report a Poacher Program.


  • Wildlife Trust Fund
  • Parkland Stewardship Program
  • Operation Grassland Community
  • Operation Burrowing Owl
  • Habitat Stewardship Program
  • Heritage Farmstead Program
  • Hide Collection Program
  • Alberta Provincial Wildife Awards

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